2020 Summer

Research & Innovation

Students currently in grades 8 - 11 may apply for the University of California Irvine x Gifted and Talented Institute (UCI x GATI), the only residential summer academic program that invites gifted students from all over the globe to do hands-on university level research in innovative + interdisciplinary fields such as biology, engineering, AI, & medicine (BEAM) and game science & entertainment technology (GSET).


Admitted students will have the unique opportunity to work in state-of-the-art research facilities and get hands-on demonstrations of advanced lab techniques. Moreover, students selected to the program will have the rare chance to work closely with and be mentored by faculty and experts who are leaders and top authorities in their fields. As capstone projects students will collaborate with fellow scholars from all over the globe to present or publish their research process. 


Bio Engineering AI Medicine

Master hands-on university level research in the interdisciplinary, cutting-edge fields of BEAM.

 Admitted fellows will be matched with UCI research faculty-led teams to experience and learn about the authentic research process.


Game Science Entertainment Tech

Experience the full spectrum of the gaming ecosystem and explore future careers in this dynamic industry. 


Admitted fellows will experience esports and be matched with UCI research faculty to perform cognitive, social and scientific research in gaming.

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Global Leaders

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