About GATI

Gifted And Talented Institute (GATI) Global provides 

hyper intensive immersion programs in various fields

for high school students from all over the globe

who show enthusiasm, intelligence and talent.

Boost Your Talent

through Research and Innovation! 

Our Mission

The Gifted and Talented Institute​ (GATI) Global, as the world leader in summer projects, research, and education for gifted pre-college students around the globe, is dedicated to offering a continuum of access and opportunities for optimizing college and career success.


Our Vision

Offer an inspirational, transformative summer to innovative, passionate youth around the globe.




College-Level Research

If you are interested in pursuing a future career in medicine, engineering or any of the sciences, then mastering the research process is a must. High school students selected to become UCI x GATI fellows will learn in a college-level research process. This experience isn't just fancy tours of high-tech labs; we are talking about you being matched with an actual university research team, using state-of-the-art equipment and interacting daily with college students, graduate students and/or post-docs.


Real Relationships with Mentors, Staff, Faculty and Students

Teaching and mentoring is our calling and our students mean everything to us. That's why we keep our faculty/mentor-student ratio low. Our mentors genuinely care about their mentee's success and happiness. Most students become good friends with their mentors because we intentionally cherry-pick each mentor for their passion for mentoring. Become friends with a distinguished mentor, not just on social media, but in real life. 


Letter of Recommendation

We understand that it's difficult and awkward for high school students to muster up the courage to ask for recommendation letters. So we made the process easy for you. Thanks to our amazing faculty/mentor-student ratio, you and your mentor will naturally get to know each other very well. Moreover, our mentor-student matching algorithm will help ensure great chemistry between you and your mentor. At the end of the program it will be painless for you to ask (and it will be expected of you to ask!) for a letter of recommendation from you mentor, a faculty member or even the Dean of the program. 


University Certificates

Proudly show off your newly minted University of California (UC) Certificate to your family, friends, and teachers. It demonstrates to world that you not only got accepted into one of the most selective high school summer programs, but more importantly, that you successfully completed a rigorous and advanced interdisciplinary 21st Century Skills program designed for future leaders in science and innovation.


Publication Opportunities

Very few high school students get the honor of having their written work featured on a national platform. UCI x GATI scholars admitted to the Comprehensive Program will have a rare opportunity to publish their research process and experience on an online virtual journal or offline magazines for students. It’s super prestigious and certainly once in a lifetime opportunity!


Prep for College & Career

You will have more to write and show-off in your college application or life story than you will from any other pre-collegiate program. You will meet-greet, work-sleep, and eat-drink with your team; your teammates will be from all over the globe; you will experience advanced and innovative research; you will regularly meet with your very own distinguished mentor; you will pitch your research/ideas to a panel of judges and faculty members; and you will receive personalized road-mapping on how to translate all that you did for colleges, employers, and family/friends.


Global Friendships

One of our core missions is to "Bring the World to California and California to the World." Thus, we make a pointed effort to select at least half of our high school fellows from outside the USA. Innovation requires the convergence of multiple angles and perspectives. The next cure for cancer, for example, might be discovered simply because high school students from Korea, South Africa, and Germany met and became friends in California.


Southern California Paradise

Minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland), Hollywood and beautiful beaches, UCI x GATI fellows get to spend two-weeks in absolute paradise. It’s no wonder why according to rankings, UCI is #1 campus for beach lovers! This means that UCI x GATI fellows will not only work hard, but also play/relax/enjoy hard!


UC Family Prestige

With 10 campuses all over California, the University of California (UC) system is the most prestigious and distinguished circuit of public schools in the world. Did you know that among all of them, UCI receives the most number of applicants (“ZOT! ZOT! ZOT!”). Hands-down considered the most innovative of the UC's, UCI is also home to one of the best college esports teams, the best engineers and the most innovative scientists + doctors in the world. Once enrolled into UCI x GATI, you become a part of this illustrious UC family!


Pi Beta Kaapa Jr Honor Society

Students who are enrolled into UCI x GATI’s Comprehensive Program will have the distinct honor of submitting their graded papers (from their summer research process) and being nominated to Pi Beta Kappa Jr, an American academic honor society that celebrates the academic works and achievements of the top 10% of gifted and talented pre-collegiate students around the world. Pi Beta Kappa Jr champions freedom of thought and advocates the pursuit and benefits of liberal arts and sciences education.